Faculty of Medicine at Benha University was established according to republican decree NO.1143 in 25\1\1976 to participate with other faculties of medicine at the Egyptian renaissance. It is considered the 9th established Faculty of Medicine in Egypt.

Previous Deans

  • The 1st dean was Prof.Dr.Mohamed Abu El Enin.
  • The 2nd was Prof.Dr.Ahmed Magdy.
  • The 3rd was Prof.Dr.Mohamed Mostafa.
  • The 4th was Prof.Dr.Hosny Abd El Rahman.
  • The 5th was Prof.Dr.Abd El Shafy Mohamed Tabl.
  • The 6th was Prof.Dr.Nabil Hassan Shedid .
  • The 7th was Prof.Dr.Mohasen Khairy.
  • The 8th was Prof.Dr.Ahmed Gouda El Gazar.
  • The 9th was Prof.Dr.Tawhid Muafy.
  • The 10th was Prof.Dr.Muhamed Muhamed Ibrahim as acting dean.
  • The 11th was Prof.Dr.Hesham Muhamed Abu El Enin as acting dean.
  • The 12th was Prof.Dr. Mahmoud Abd El Sabour .