Foreign relationships  


Cultural Relations In The  College                            

The  Missions:

  • for assistants of Staff Members ( assistant lecturers and demonstrators)   the missions to get a scientific degree. They are divided into:

1-  External  Missions
Send a member at the expense of the state to one of the foreign countries  
to receive his Scientific degree.  with condition the age not more than 30  
2- Internal missions:
It has benefit  of combination of internal and external features of the system  
(joint supervision) in the presence of foreign supervisor beside  national one.  
The student can travel abroad for two years to collect scientific material for  
his thesis  or scientific studies. Come back to have a discussion submitted to
get a degree.


  • Include grants from a foreign country to the Egyptian government for the assistant  members of the faculty to get their degrees and be the responsibility of the foreign State exchange provided the grant.
  • There are personal grants ,member could obtain from his  communications ,here  the University's mission and be granted study leave with pay or without pay in accordance with the general requirements for all.

Scientific tasks:

  • It is intended to send the staff  members in temporary  scientific missions outside the university for a period of one year, renewable once and receive a full salary during receiving task.
    May be especially important as a result of personal contacts may be provided by the governmental function of the Egyptian government with doctorates from home or scientific missions by foreign government or universities and with all the requirements and rules.

Scientific and cultural exchanges:
It includes the following acts:

  • Cultural exchange : is the action (contract) and implement the cultural exchange between the university and medical institutions abroad as a member to get holiday for one year, renewable for another year or according to the agreement and contracts between members and external institutions and the conditions of those agreements and contracts.
    Invitation of visiting professors from foreign universities to bring or send a junior faculty-qualified as a visiting scholar for a temporary period to spend a sabbatical or lectures or otherwise.

Staff members attend scientific conferences at home and abroad, and is  
divided into :

  • Scientific conferences at the expense of the university, according to

requirements required.

  • Scientific conferences under expense of the member
  • seminars, courses and workshops at home and abroad in accordance with the University's contribution to requirements required.
    Rewards   after obtaining  a master's and M.D degrees

Master (450) pounds.
M.D (750) pounds.
Teacher preparation course:

  • The College of Education to announce the date twice a year and is taking

measures to catch up with students obtained from the assistant
lecturers and demonstrators